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Tag: Web Security

Cisco Zero-Day in AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client Remains Unpatched

Cisco also disclosed high-severity vulnerabilities in its Webex and SD-WAN products.

Mysterious APT Leaves Curious ‘KilllSomeOne’ Clue

APT cloaks identity using script-kiddie messages and advanced deployment and targeting techniques.

GrowDiaries Exposes Emails, Passwords of 1.4M Cannabis Growers

Cannabis journaling platform GrowDiaries exposed more than 3.4 million user records online, many from countries where pot is illegal.

Google Forms Abused to Phish AT&T Credentials

More than 200 Google Forms impersonate top brands – including Microsoft OneDrive, Office 365, and Wells Fargo – to steal…

VMware Issues Updated Fix For Critical ESXi Flaw

A previous fix for the critical remote code execution bug was “incomplete,” according to VMware.