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Party all night with HAProxy

This is the story of how I stopped worrying and learned to love reverse proxies. Years ago on some weeknight…

Automated domain name idea generation and validation

require ‘whois’ require ‘whois-parser’ require ‘subexec’ return false if ARGV[0].blank? if ARGV[0].split(” “).empty? puts “You must choose a few words…

Microsoft Addresses 111 Bugs for May Patch Tuesday

Important-rated EoP flaws make up the bulk of the CVEs; SharePoint continues its critical run with four worrying bugs.

Healthcare Giant Magellan Struck with Ransomware, Data Breach

Logins, personal information and tax info were all exfiltrated ahead of the ransomware attack, thanks to a phishing email.

Microsoft Adds DNS-Over-HTTPS Support for Windows 10 Insiders

Microsoft is letting Windows Insiders test-drive DNS-over-HTTPS protocol in a pre-release build of Windows 10.

Attackers Claim Identity of Financial NGO to Steal Sharepoint, Office Credentials

Investment brokers are the target of a new wave of socially engineered phishing attacks, warns FINRA.

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