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Automated domain name idea generation and validation

require ‘whois’ require ‘whois-parser’ require ‘subexec’ return false if ARGV[0].blank? if ARGV[0].split(” “).empty? puts “You must choose a few words…

Microsoft Adds DNS-Over-HTTPS Support for Windows 10 Insiders

Microsoft is letting Windows Insiders test-drive DNS-over-HTTPS protocol in a pre-release build of Windows 10.

Healthcare Giant Magellan Struck with Ransomware, Data Breach

Logins, personal information and tax info were all exfiltrated ahead of the ransomware attack, thanks to a phishing email.

Microsoft Addresses 111 Bugs for May Patch Tuesday

Important-rated EoP flaws make up the bulk of the CVEs; SharePoint continues its critical run with four worrying bugs.

Party all night with HAProxy

This is the story of how I stopped worrying and learned to love reverse proxies. Years ago on some weeknight…

Blue Mockingbird Monero-Mining Campaign Exploits Web Apps

The cybercriminals are using a deserialization vulnerability, CVE-2019-18935, to achieve remote code execution before moving laterally through the enterprise.

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